Through the ages, animals have captivated our imagination. Cultures around the globe have developed hundreds of ways to describe the world of animals, a world so unique and intricate that one might almost feel the need to master a new language in order to fully explore the animal existence.

Stemming from his extensive travels and research of wild kingdoms around the world, Dr. Warren Garst brings together a wide-ranging guide to English-language animal terms in his new book Zoolexicon: A Comprehensive Reference of Animal Terms and Words across the English Speaking World.

Included in this one-volume source:

  • An alphabetized dictionary of 13,000 non-technical words referring to mammals, birds, fishes, reptiles amphibians and invertebrates
  • 19 Appendixes relating to domesticated animals, describing their origins, breeds and a glossary of terms
  • General Appendixes with terms categorized by subject matter, including terms used to describe animals in field sports, symbolism, mythology, and the Bible

In the author's own words, it is a book to "provide animal words for every purpose."

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Zoolexicon is available at amazon.com, Barnes and Noble, and other bookstores.

CSU Libraries would like to thank Dr. Garst for generously donating royalties from the sales of this book towards the maintenance of the Garst Photographic Collection Web site.

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