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Scientific Classification

Genus species:Chauna torquata

Animal Characteristics

Head-Body Length:91 cm
Identification:The crested screamer is slate or grayish-brown in color. It has a narrow white neck ring with a broader black ring underneath. Red bare skin surrounds the eyes.
Habitat:Tropical/subtropical lakes, lagoons, marshes, flooded fields, meadows, llanos
Diet:Herbivore: graze in open fields
Reproduction:The mating period falls in the spring, with 3-5 eggs being laid in October or November. The eggs are incubated for 6.5 weeks in a nest of vegetation and debris.
Outside of the breeding season, crested screamers will gather in large groups (often over 1,000 animals) to roost.
Behavior:Crested screamers will often circle in the air for hours, looking very much like vultures. They are nomadic during the winter. Quite often, they can be seen grazing alongside farm animals.
Status:No special status
Interesting Facts:Screamers, geese, ducks and swans all belong to the same order because they resemble each other fundamentally. Similarities include thick water proof plumages and 11 primary wing feathers. One primary difference is screamers have a curved chicken-like beak and scarcely webbed feet, where ducks and geese have webbed feet and flat beaks.

Other Information

Geographic:Central South America Date:1976-01 Subjects:duck-like bird
Crested screamer
Southern screamer
Screamers (Birds)