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Scientific Classification

Genus species:Lycosa godeffroyi

Animal Characteristics

Head-Body Length:2-40 mm
Identification:The body of the wolf spider is usually brown to gray with yellow, black, green, and brown markings. The body and legs are covered with gray or brown hair. This spider also has three rows of eyes, where two eyes are noticeably larger than the other six.
Habitat:Varies widely
Diet:Carnivore: insects, frogs, lizards, mice and small birds
Reproduction:The female fertilizes her eggs using a silk ball spun by the male. She then carries her eggs for six months. After emergence the young climb up onto the mother's abdomen and are carried around by her for a considerable time.
Wolf spiders lead solitary lives.
Behavior:Rather than spinning webs, these spiders live in underground burrows and natural depressions in rocks.
Status:No special status
Interesting Facts:Wolf spider is a common name for any ground-dwelling hunting spider. There is no Identification: between the female and her offspring; therefore, the female will accept young from other females even if it is from another species. If the young make a mistake and climb onto a male, they are usually eaten. Wolf spiders have a special layer of crystalline cells called tapetum, which reflects light and makes them glow in the dark. This most likely explains how these spiders got their name.

Other Information

Geographic:Worldwide Date:1965-09 Subjects:arachnid
Wolf spider
Wolf spiders