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Scientific Classification

Genus species:Ceratotherium simum

Animal Characteristics

Head-Body Length:male: 370-400 cm, female: 340-365 cm
Height:male: 170-186 cm, female: 160-177 cm
Weight:male: 2300 kg, female: 1700 kg
Identification:The square-lipped rhinoceros is neutral gray and nearly hairless. It has a broad, squared upper lip. There are two horns on the face with a shorter posterior horn. The longer anterior horns can be up to 166 cm in length.
Habitat:Savannas, open woodlands
Diet:Herbivore: grass
Reproduction:The mating season peaks in the summer and fall. Gestation is 16 months long. Baby rhinos are weaned at one year of age, but often remain with their mothers for an additional 1-2 years.
Dominant males are territorial and solitary, establishing home ranges. Females often gather in herds of up to 14 animals.
Behavior:The white rhinoceros spends its day grazing or sleeping in thorn scrub. Its sight is poor, but its sense of smell and hearing are keen. White rhinos are believed to have the most complex behavior of all the rhinoceroses. Dominant bulls are usually solitary and will confront any invading bull. Fights are rare and confrontations usually consist of slight horn butting, false charges, and other displays. Bulls mark their territories by spreading dung, spraying urine, dragging their feet, and damaging plants with their horns. This species often mud bathes to cool off and remove ectoparasites.
Status:Endangered: poached for their horns
Interesting Facts:This rhinoceros species is the second largest living land animal, after the elephant.

Other Information

Geographic:Southeastern Africa Date:1958-1988 Subjects:White rhinoceros
odd-toed ungulate
Square-lipped rhinoceros