Searching Tips

Metadata is included for all of the images in 30 different fields.
You can search 14 of these fields using the browse and search tools described below.

If you have any trouble please contact us and we will try to assist you.


  • Most links under About Animals and Find Animals allow you to browse animals.
  • To browse animals by Type, Characteristics or Habitat:
    Click a picture to select a type or habitat.
  • To browse animals by Continent:
    Click a continent on the map or a continent name.
  • To browse animals by Diet, click
  • To browse animals by Status, click
  • To browse animals by scientific phylum or class:
    Click the phylum or class name.
  • To browse animals alphabetically using the A to Z List:
    • Click the letter the animal's name starts with, for example L for leopard.
    • Click on the animal's common name.
    • You may need to look under different categories for the animal's name.
      • For example, if you look for wolf, you can find Aardwolf, Common Wolf, Mexican Wolf, Timber Wolf, and Wolf Spider.
    • To view the entire list, click ALL.
    • To search the entire list for a common name or word (e.g. cat or tail):
      • Type the name in the search box and click Go.
    • To search for a genus species or sort by genus species:
      • Click the Genus Species link.
      • Use the A to Z links, the ALL link or the Search box.

Basic Search

  • Click Search under Find Animals in the left column of any page.
  • To search for animals by Keyword, Common Name, Identifier,
    or Scientific Name (Order, Family or Genus Species) fields:
    Type in a search term in the text box and click Go.
  • To search for animals by Diet, Continent, Habitat, Status, Phylum or Class fields:
    Select a search term from the pull-down menu and click Go.
  • Field definitions are listed to the right.
    Examples of search terms are in parentheses.

Viewing Search Results (for Browse and Basic Search)

  • Search results appear on a new page.
  • The bottom of the page indicates whether there are more pages of search results.
  • Click Next or Prev to see the next or previous page of results.
  • Click a page number to see a different page of results.
  • Click ≥ or ≤ to skip forward or back by 10 pages.
  • Click a thumbnail image to see an enlarged photo.
  • Scroll down to read detailed information about the photo.
  • Click on any hyperlinked keyword to find more photos with that keyword.

Advanced Search

  • Click Search, and then click Primo’s Advanced Search.
  • For most searches, use the All Fields search box. For example,
    • Click in the search box next to All Fields, and type dog.
    • Click the Search button. You will find all photos with dog in any of the fields.
  • You can combine multiple search terms in one box to narrow the search. For example, a search for bush dogwill find animals with both bush and dog in any of the fields.
  • To search for an exact phrase, use double quotes. For example, "bush dog" will find only animals with "bush dog" in any field.
  • To limit the search to one or more fields, select fields from the drop-down menus and type search terms in the boxes next to them. For example:
    • Type pig in the title field.
    • Type leopard in the subject field.
    • Click the Search button. You will find photos about leopards with pig in the title.
  • Click a title or image in the search results and click the Description tab to see more information about it.
  • Click the URL field to see an enlarged photo.