Animal Diet


Animals that feed on any part of animal tissue (dead or alive)

black bear cub in treeOmnivores

Animals that feed on both animal tissue and plant tissue and may contain any of the categories under herbivore or carnivore


Animals that feed on any part of plant tissue (dead or alive)

Specialized carnivores:
Animal Type Feeds On
Aphidivore aphids
Apivore bees
Erucivore caterpillars
Insectivore insects
Larvivore larvae
Myrmevore ants
Mucivore flies
Piscivore fish
Pupivore pupae
Ranivore frogs
Sanguivore blood
Zoosuccivore liquid animal secretions
of decaying (dead)
animal matter
Specialized herbivores:
Animal Type Feeds On
Ambivore grasses and broad leaf plants
Exudativore excreted plant substances
(gums, resins, sap)
Folivore foliage (leaves or trees)
Forbivore forbs (flowering plants)
Frugivore fruit
Graminivore grasses
Granivore grains
Gumivore gums which are secreted
from some plants
Lignivore wood
Mellivore honey
Nectarivore nectar
Nucivore nuts
Phytisuccivore (tree) sap
Radicivore roots