Online Workbooks : AGRI 116


This workbook contains a number of short tutorials (7 minutes or less). Work through the tutorials to learn more about using the library efficiently and effectively. Then, take the quiz to test yourself. The quiz will have questions which cover the material from all of the tutorials.

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Tutorials in this Workbook

Tutorial Duration Viewed
Deciphering Your Assignment(5:00) 
Developing a Topic(6:00) 
Generating Search Terms(5:00) 
What is a Library Database?(6:00) 
Popular and Scholarly Sources(5:00) 
Primary and Secondary Sources(6:00) 
Internet Searching Tips(3:00) 
Using Google Scholar(7:00) 
Evaluating Internet Resources(6:00) 
Why You Need to Cite Sources(3:00) 
Deconstructing Citations(8:00) 
Incorporating Sources Into Your Paper(6:00) 
Voice Markers(7:00) 
Using Wikipedia for Academic Research(3:36) 


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