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Speeches (Communication Studies)

The subject liaison at the Libraries for Communication Studies is:
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  • SPCM 200 Public Speaking has suggested resources for students in the course.
  • Films/Movies has information on identifying what films CSU Libraries owns and doing research (finding reviews and criticism) on films.
  • Personal Speaking has information for anyone who has to give a talk in his or her personal life (wedding, funeral, anniversary, etc.)
  • Types of Speeches has links to resources for three kinds.

This page has Databases, Sources of Speeches, Text of Speeches, Speeches on Audio Tape, and Speeches on the Web.


  • Communication & Mass Media Complete.
  • ComAbstracts.
  • Academic Search Premier.
  • MLA Bibliography.
  • Linguistics and Lanague Behavior Abstracts (LLBA).

Sources of Speeches

    1. Speech Index. AI3 .S85 1966 REF
    2. Speech Index. Supplement. 1966-80. AI3 .S852 REF
    3. Historic Documents. 1972- E839.5 .H57 REF
    4. Representative American Speeches. 1937/38- PS668 .R4
    5. Vital Speeches of the Day. 1934- PN6121 .V52 Current issues in Journal Room, older in Stacks or Microfilm.
    • All years available online full text in Academic Search Premier via the "Databases" page.
    6. Weekly Compilation of Presidential Documents. 1965- AE2.109 DOC REF
    7. Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States. AE 2.114 DOC
    8. Denver Post Index. AI21 .D43 REF Newspaper on Microfilm (in Journal Room)--AN .D4
    • Contains full text of some major local speeches.
    9. New York Times Index. AI21 .N44 REF Newspaper on Microfilm (in Journal Room)--AN .N4
    • Contains full text of many important contemporary speeches.

Texts of Speeches (Not included in Speech Index)
    10. American Orators Before 1900: Critical Studies and Sources. PN4055 .U5 A4 1987
    11. American Orators of the Twentieth Century: Critical Studies and Sources. PN4193 .P6 A44 1987
    12. American Rhetoric from Roosevelt to Reagan. PS668 .A43 1987
    13. American Voices: Significant Speeches in American History, 1640-1945. E173 .A7596 1989
    14. Asian American Voices. E184.06 .A842 1997 REF
    15. Contemporary American Speeches: A Sourcebook of Speech Forms and Principles. PS668 .C6 1988
    16. Famous American Speeches: A Multimedia History, 1850 to the Present. CD-ROM available in EIC.
    17. From the Heart: Voices of the American Indian. E98 .O7F76 1995
    18. An Historical Anthology of Select British Speeches. PN6122 .H54
    19. I Have Spoken: American History Through the Voices of the Indians. E98 .O7 A7 1971
    20. Inaugural Addresses of Twentieth-Century American Presidents. J81 .C93 1993
    21. Indian Oratory: Famous Speeches by Noted Indian Chieftains. E98 .O7 V33
    22. Lend Me Your Ears: Great Speeches in History. PN6122 .L4 1997
    23. Man Cannot Speak for Her. HQ1154 .C28 1989
    24. Masterpieces of Negro Eloquence: The Best Speeches Delivered by the Negro from the Days of Slavery to the Present Time. PS663 .N4 M37 1997
    25. Outspoken Women: Speeches by American Women Reformers, 1635-1935. Q1423 .O97 1984
    26. Pioneer Women Orators: Rhetoric in the Ante-Bellum Reform Movement. PS407 .O35
    27. Preface to the Presidency: Selected Speeches of Bill Clinton, 1974-1992. E838.5 C55 1996
    28. The Presidents Speak: the Inaugural Addresses of the American Presidents, from Washington to Clinton. J81 .C62 1994 REF
    29. The Rhetoric of Struggle: Public Address by African American Women. PS663 .N4R47 1992
    30. Speeches of the American Presidents. J81 .C88 1988 REF
    31. The State of the Union Messages of the Presidents, 1790-1966. J81.C66
    32. Voices of Multicultural America: Notable Speeches Delivered by African, Asian, Hispanic and Native Americans, 1790-1995. PS663 .M55 V64 1996 REF
    33. We Shall Be Heard: Women Speakers in America, 1828- Present. HQ1410 .W4 1983
    34. The Words of Peace: Selections from the Speeches of the Speeches of the Winners of the Nobel Prize. JX1963 .W713 1990

Speeches on AudioTape
    35. Great American Speeches, 1931-1947. PS668 .G73 1992 Elec Media
    36. Great American Speeches, 1950-1963. PS668 .G74 1992 Elec Media
    37. Great American Women's Speeches. HQ1423 .G74 1995 Elec Media
    38. Great Black Speeches, 1833-1893. PS663 .N4 G74 1990 Elec Media

Speeches on the Web

See Example Speeches for Web sites with speeches (many available as audio).

Guide to using microfilm reader located in Morgan Library. Of special interest to users of History of Cinema. Series 1, Hollywood and the Production Code . 33 reels. PN1995.5 .H57 2006 Microtext film (basement)