This past year over two hundred play scripts were purchased from the Samuel French Catalogue 2011 (Z 5785 .Z9F8 Reference). They can be found on the Morgan Library shelves. Get up-to-date with what is playing on Broadway and in theaters across the country! These are by no means all of the plays owned by the Libraries, but these are recent purchases. To find additional plays and criticism of plays, do a SUBJECT search in Sage for:


Click to results page 4 (past all of the drama [numerical century] entries--these mostly identify criticism--useful if that is what you want) and see entries for plays by topic/subject. For example:

  • Drama Actors (the proper heading is actually "Actors -- Drama" but by searching drama as a subject you can find these in Sage because it nicely reverses it for you; if you know what term you are looking for in advance, you can search it "forwards.")
  • Drama African American Women
  • Drama Apartheid South Africa
  • Drama Athens Greece
  • Drama Buffalo Bill 1846 1917
  • Drama Caravaggio Michelangelo Merisi Da 1573 1610
  • Drama College Teachers
  • Drama Fathers And Daughters
  • Drama Henry VI King Of England 1421 1471

"Drama History and Criticism" is identifying items about plays, so skip right over those if looking for a primary source. The database limits to around 1600 entries, but you can find dramas with subjects from the rest of the alphabet by doing a SUBJECT search for:

  • drama i [find "Drama Identity Psychology" among others]
  • drama j [find "Drama Joseph Son Of Jacob"]
  • drama k [find "Drama Keller Helen 1880 1968"]
  • etc. (including letters earlier in the alphabet)

Here is the list of recently purchased plays (apologies for the titles not being properly italicized and capitalized; it is a long list!):

--And then there was nun. Bruce W. Gilray. PS3607.I455 A53 2010 Morgan

$38,000 for a friendly face. Kristin Shepherd. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2008 Morgan

1001. Jason Grote. PS3607.R6747 A12 2009 Morgan

2 across: a comedy of crosswords and romance. Jerry Mayer. PS3563.A9524 T86 2006 Morgan

A feminine ending. Sarah Treem. PS3620.R442 F4 2008 Morgan

A nice family gathering: a comedy. Phil Olson. PS3615.L7526 N53 2006 Morgan

Aliens with extraordinary skills. Saviana Stanescu. PS3619.T36485 A78 2009 Morgan

All aboard the marriage hearse. Matt Morillo. PS3613.O752 A65 2008 Morgan

All the king's women: 5 one act comedies & 3 monologues. Luigi Jannuzzi. PS3560.A5337 A67 2009 Morgan

All this intimacy. Rajiv Joseph. PS3610.O669 A45 2007 Morgan

All through the night. Shirley Lauro. PS3562.A842 A65 2010 Morgan

Amazons and their men. Jordan Harrison. PS3608.A78348 A7 2008 Morgan

American hwangap. Lloyd Suh. PS3619.U38 A44 2010 Morgan

Amidst the gladiolas. Vito Gentile. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2009 Morgan

Aphrodisiac. Rob Handel. PS3608.A6994 A65 2010 Morgan

Apostasy. Gino DiIorio. PS3604.I43 A88 2009 Morgan

Arrangements. Ken Weitzman. PS3623.E4618 A77 2010 Morgan

Baby Taj. Tanya Shaffer. PS3619.H344 B33 2010 Morgan

Back back back. Itamar Moses. PS3613.O77889 B335 2009 Morgan

Beachwood Drive. Steven Leigh Morris. PS3613.O77574 B4 2009 Morgan

Beasley's Christmas party. C.W. Munger. PS3613.U4566 B4 2010 Morgan

Bethlehem. Octavio Solis. PS3569.O5572 B47 2011 Morgan

Betrayed. George Packer. PS3566.A317 B48 2009 Morgan

Bill W. and Dr. Bob. Samuel Shem and Janet Surrey. PS3569.H39374 B55 2007 Morgan

Billboard. Michael Vukadinovich. PS3622.U85 B5 2008 Morgan

Birth and after birth. Tina Howe. PS3558.O894 B57 1997 Morgan

Blanche and beyond. adapted by Steve Lawson, from The selected letters of Tennessee Williams, vol. II, 1945 - 1957 edited by Albert J. Devlin and Nancy M. Tischler. PS3612.A9545 B53 2007 Morgan

Body awareness. Annie Baker. PS3602.A5842 B6 2009 Morgan

Brave smiles: --another lesbian tragedy. The Five Lesbian Brothers (Maureen Angelos, Babs Davy, Dominique Dibbell, Peg Healey and Lisa Kron). PS3600.A6 F582 2010 Morgan

Buddy cop 2. written by Hannah Bos & Paul Thureen developed by Oliver Butler. PS3602.O773 B83 2011 Morgan

Bulrusher. Eisa Davis. PS3604.A95694 B85 2009 Morgan

Cabo San Lucas: a romantic comedy. Lisa Soland. PS3569.O49 C3 2008 Morgan

California schemin'. Ron House. PS3558.O865 C35 2010 Morgan

Camille. Chales Lidlam PS3562.U258 C36 1989a Morgan

Cartoon. Steve Yockey. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2010 Morgan

Cell. Judy Klass. PS3561.L2475 C45 2009 Morgan

Cherry smoke. James McManus. PS3613.C58523 C47 2007 Morgan

Clarence Darrow's last trial. Shirley Lauro. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2011 Morgan

Closure: a contemporary drama in two acts. Ron Blicq. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2012 Morgan

Clothes encounters: a farce in two acts. Roger Karshner. PS3561.A695 C59 2006 Morgan

Cockeyed. William Missouri Downs. PS3604.O9542 C63 2009 Morgan

Comedy tonite!. Norman Beim. PS3552.E4224 C66 2006 Morgan

Cool dip in the barren saharan crick. y Kia Corthron. PS3553.O724 C66 2010 Morgan

Could I have this dance?. Doug Haverty. PS3558.A7825 C68 2009 Morgan

Crawl, fade to white. Sheila Callaghan. PS3603.A442 C73 2009 Morgan

Crooked. Catherine Trieschmann. PS3620.R54 C76 2009 Morgan

Dawn. Thomas Bradshaw. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2013 Morgan

Dead city: a modern riff on Joyce's Ulysses. Sheila Callaghan. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2014 Morgan

Dead man's cell phone. Sarah Ruhl. PS3618.U48 D43 2009 Morgan

Dead ringer/ by Gino DiIorio. PS3604.I43 D43 2010 Morgan

Deadly murder. David Foley. PR6056.O416 D43 2010 Morgan

Devil boys from beyond. Buddy Thomas and Kenneth Elliott. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2015 Morgan

Dix tableaux: a play in ten scenes. Mark Dunn. PS3604.U56 D59 2007 Morgan

Doris to Darlene: a cautionary valentine. Jordan Harrison. PS3608.A78348 D67 2008 Morgan

Dust. Billy Goda. PS3607.O32 D87 2009 Morgan

Dusty and the big bad world. Cusi Cram. PS3603.R362 D87 2010 Morgan

Easter Monday. Hal Corley. PS3603.O764 E27 2009 Morgan

Edward Albee's occupant. PS3551.L25 O33 2009 Morgan

Election day. Josh Tobiessen. PS3620.O25 E5 2008 Morgan

Elephant sighs. Ed. Simpson. PS3569.I4887 E54 2009 Morgan

Elephant's graveyard. George Brant. PS3602.R366 E44 2010 Morgan

Embraceable me. Victor L. Cahn. PS3553.A366 E47 2009 Morgan

Emilie: la marquise du Châtelet defends her life tonight. Lauren Gunderson. PS3607.U5473 E45 2010 Morgan

Emilie's Voltaire. Arthur Giron. PS3557.I727 E45 2010 Morgan

Emma. Jane Austen adapted by Michael Bloom. PR4034.E53 B56 2010 Morgan

Everything's turning into beautiful: a play with music. Seth Zvi Rosenfeld songs by Jimmie James. PS3568.O8172 .E847 2007 Morgan

Fatboy. John Clancy. PS3603.L3515 F38 2009 Morgan

Film Chinois. Damon Chua. PR9570.S53 C496 2008 Morgan

First Baptist of Ivy Gap: a poignant comedy in two acts. Ron Osborne. PS3615.S275 F57 2006 Morgan

Flamingo Court: life in three condos. Luigi Creatore. PS3603.R434 F63 2009 Morgan

Flight: the rise and fall of Charles Lindbergh: a play. Garth Wingfield. PS3623.I5944 F58 2006 Morgan

Flyovers. Jeffrey Sweet. PS3569.W369 F69 2010 Morgan

For better. Eric Coble. PS3603.O25 F67 2008 Morgan

Four plays;"The bald soprano, and other plays. Eugène Ionesco translated by Donald M. Allen." PQ2617.O6 A2313 1958 Morgan

From up here. Liz Flahive. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2016 Morgan

Front Street. Anne Pié. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2017 Morgan

Gates of gold. Frank McGuinness. PR6063.C515 G38 2002 Morgan

Gee's Bend. Elyzabeth Gregory Wilder. PS3623.I538 G44 2008 Morgan

Gift from heaven. David Steen. PS3619.T439 G55 2007 Morgan

Glorious!: a comedy. Peter Quilter. PR6067.U44 G58 2006 Morgan

Happy anniversary, Angel! Love, Gino: an audience participation play. Family Jewels Creations conceived and written by J.D. Spencer, C.D. Smith & S.R. Coletti. PS3619.P4648 H37 2006 Morgan

Hat tricks. Dori Appel. PS3551.P553 H38 2008 Morgan

Havana is waiting. Eduardo Machado. PS3563.A31154 H28 2008 Morgan

Heaven help me. Joseph Simonelli. PS3619.I56284 H43 2009 Morgan

Huck & Holden. Rajiv Joseph. PS3610.O669 H83 2007 Morgan

Humbug. John Wooten. PS3573.O6865 H86 2008 Morgan

In the continuum. Danai Gurira & Nikkole Salter. PS3607.U5489 I5 2008 Morgan

In the next room, or the vibrator play. Sarah Ruhl. PS3618.U48 I5 2010 Morgan

In the rest room at Rosenblooms. Ludmilla Bollow. PS3602.O6546 I5 2008 Morgan

In the Sawtooths. Dano Madden. PS3563.A33956 I5 2009 Morgan

Jack goes boating. Bob Glaudini. PS3607.L385 J33 2008 Morgan

Jasper Lake. John Kuntz. PS3611.U58 J37 2006 Morgan

Jewtopia. Bryan Fogel & Sam Wolfson. PS3606.O39 J49 2009 Morgan

Jump/cut. Neena Beber. PS3602.E266 J85 2007 Morgan

Just passing: a play. Colin and Mary Crowther. PR6053.R6577 J87 2008 Morgan

Kaputnik: a comedy in one act. Frank Semerano. PS3569.E586 K37 2008 Morgan

Karlaboy. Steven Peros PS3616.E755 K37 2009 Morgan

Kindness. Adam Rapp. PS3568.A6278 K56 2010 Morgan

Kosher Lutherans. William Missouri Downs. PS3604.O9542 K67 2009 Morgan

Leading ladies: a comedy. Ken Ludwig. PS3562.U295 L43 2006 Morgan

Lillian Yuralia. Barbara Eda-Young. PS3605.D3 L55 2009 Morgan

Lions. Vince Melocchi. PS3613.E453 L56 2009 Morgan

Living room in Africa. Bathsheba Doran PS3604.O727 L58 2008 Morgan

Looking: a comedy . Norm Foster. PR9199.3.F5743 L66 2006 Morgan

Lorraine Hansberry's The sign in Sidney Brustein's window: a drama in two acts. PS3515.A515 S54 1993 Morgan

Losing Lawrence: a dark comedy in two acts. Donna Gerdin. PS3607.E73 L67 2007 Morgan

Love town. Michael Kaplan. PS3611.A653 L68 2010 Morgan

Lucy and the conquest. Cusi Cram. PS3603.R362 L83 2009 Morgan

Lydia. Octavio Solis. PS3569.O5572 L93 2010 Morgan

Lying kind;"Royal Court Theatre presents The lying kind. Anthony Neilson." PR6064.E4565 L95 2002 Morgan

Magic hands Freddy. Arje Shaw. PS3619.H39162 M34 2008 Morgan

Maiden's progeny: an afternoon with Mary Cassatt, 1906: a play. Le Wilhelm. PS3623.I544 M35 2006 Morgan

Matched. Ally Condie. PS3603.C5326 M38 2010 Morgan

Matt & Ben. Mindy Kaling & Brenda Withers. PS3611.A438 M38 2007 Morgan

Mauritius. Theresa Rebeck. PS3568.E2697 M38 2008 Morgan

Meg: a play in three acts. Paula A. Vogel. PS3572.O294 M44 2008 Morgan

Men are dogs. Joe Simonelli. PS3619.I56284 M46 2010 Morgan

Men of Tortuga. Jason Wells. PS3623.E4685 M46 2009 Morgan

Motherhouse. Victor Lodato. PS3612.O33 M68 2010 Morgan

Moving bodies. Arthur Giron. PS3557.I727 M68 2010 Morgan

Mrs. Affleck: a play. Samuel Adamson from Henrik Ibsen's Little Eyolf. PR6101.D366 M77 2010 Morgan

My big gay Italian wedding. Anthony J. Wilkinson, music by David Boyd. PS3623.I55 M9 2011 Morgan

My first time. written by Ken Davenport, and people just like you. PS3604.A9426 M9 2009 Morgan

My sweetheart's the man in the moon. Don Nigro. PS3564.I364 M9 2007 Morgan

Nana's naughty knickers. Katherine DiSavino. PS3604.I83 N36 2010 Morgan

Nelson. Sam Marks. PS3613.A76542 N45 2008 Morgan

Nest. Bathsheba Doran. PS3604.O727 N47 2008 Morgan

New York. David Rimmer. PS3568.I398 N49 2008 Morgan

November. David Mamet. PS3563.A4345 N68 2010 Morgan

Oldest living Confederate widow: her confession. Allan Gurganus and Jane Holding. PS3557.U814 O43 2008 Morgan

On the shore of the wide world. Simon Stephens. PR6119.T455 O5 2005 Morgan

Oohrah!. Bekah Brunstetter. PS3602.R86 O64 2010 Morgan

Palestine, New Mexico. Richard Montoya. PS3563.O5459 P35 2010 Morgan

Paradise. Glyn O'Malley. PS3615.M35 P37 2006 Morgan

Perfect mendacity. Jason Wells. PS3623.E4685 P47 2010 Morgan

Phoenix. Scott Organ. PS3615.R436 P464 2010 Morgan

Players in the game. Dale Wasserman. PS3573.A797 P553 2007 Morgan

Plays. Selections.;"Plays three. Alan Ayckbourn." PR6051.Y35 A6 2005 Morgan

Plays. Selections;"Plays one. Charlotte Jones introduced by the author." PR6060.O4945 A6 2004 Morgan

Pretty theft. Adam Szymkowicz. PS3619.Z965 P74 2009 Morgan

Purgatorio. Ariel Dorfman. PQ8098.14.O7 P87 2006 Morgan

Race. David Mamet. PS3563.A4345 R33 2010 Morgan

Reader. Ariel Dorfman. PR9309.9.D67 R43 2008 Morgan

Red hot patriot: the kick-ass wit of Molly Ivins. Margaret Engel and Allison Engel. PS3605.N437 R44 2010 Morgan

Red, white and Tuna. Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, Ed Howard. PS3573.I449327 R43 2010 Morgan

Reʻulim. English;"Masked: an Israeli play about three Palestinian brothers. Ilan Hatsor translated by Michael Taub." PJ5054.H2945 M3713 2009 Morgan

Remember me?: a comedy. Sam Bobrick. PS3552.O26 R46 2001 Morgan

Rethinking the other in antiquity. Erich S. Gruen. CB251 .G78 2011 Morgan

Rock 'n' roll. Tom Stoppard. PR6069.T6 R57 2007 Morgan

Rose colored glass. Susan Bigelow and Janice Goldberg. PS3552.I4214 R67 2007 Morgan

Sapphique. Catherine Fisher. PR6056.I774 S36 2010 Morgan

Scab: a comic drama in two acts. Sheila Callaghan. PS3603.A442 S33 2009 Morgan

Sealed for freshness. Doug Stone. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2018 Morgan

Secrets of a soccer mom. Kathleen Clark. PS3603.L364 S43 2008 Morgan

Shadows on Oak Island. Garnet Hirst with Deborah Preeper. PR9199.4.H59 S53 2007 Morgan

Showtime at First Baptist. Ron Osborne. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2019 Morgan

Signs of life. Deborah Brevoort. PS3552.R4155 S54 2007 Morgan

Sixty miles to Silver Lake. Dan LeFranc. PS3612.E34985 S5 2009 Morgan

Smoke and mirrors. Joseph Godrich. PS3607.O592255 S66 2008 Morgan

Smudge. Rachel Axler. PS3601.X44 S68 2010 Morgan

Song of extinction. E.M. Lewis PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2020 Morgan

Southern comforts. Kathleen Clark. PS3603.L364 S68 2007 Morgan

Southern promises. Thomas Bradshaw. PS3602.R34286 S68 2010 Morgan

Strom Thurmond is not a racist, and Cleansed. Thomas Bradshaw. PS3602.R34286 S77 2007 Morgan

Stunning. David Adjmi. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2021 Morgan

Sunset Park. Marley Sims & Elliot Shoenman. PS3619.I5475 S8 2009 Morgan

Taking flight. Adriana Sevahn Nichols. PS3619.E947 T35 2009 Morgan

Talk radio. written by Eric Bogosian created by Eric Bogosian and Tad Savinar. PS3552.O46 T35 2008 Morgan

Tall grass. Brian Harris. PS3608.A78228 T35 2008 Morgan

Ten times two: the eternal courtship. David Belke. PR9199.3.B3772 T46 2008 Morgan

Terre Haute. Edmund White PS3573.H463 T47 2009 Morgan

That face. Polly Stenham. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2022 Morgan

The 39 steps. adapted by Patrick Barlow from the novel by John Buchan from the movie of Alfred Hitchcock, licensed by ITV Global Entertainment Limited and an original concept by Nobby Dimon and Simon Corble. PR6102.A765 A13 2009 Morgan

The American pilot. David Greig. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2023 Morgan

The Amish project. Jessica Dickey. PS3604.I2984 A45 2010 Morgan

The argument The wedding play The airport play. Alexandra Gersten-Vassilaros. PS3557.E734 A6 2006 Morgan

The awesome 80s prom. Ken Davenport and the class of '89. PS3604.A9426 A84 2009 Morgan

The Balkan women. Jules Tasca. PS3570.A68 B35 2009 Morgan

The bomb-itty of errors. written by Jordan Allen-Dutton ... [et al.] music by Jeffrey Qaiyum. PS3601.L4385 B66 2010 Morgan

The clean house. Sarah Ruhl. PS3618.U48 C54 2007 Morgan

The coast of Utopia: a trilogy. Tom Stoppard. PR6069.T6 C63 2007 Morgan

The faculty room. Bridget Carpenter. PS3603.A7685 F33 2010 Morgan

The Farnsworth invention. Aaron Sorkin. PS3569.O676 F37 2009 Morgan

The final toast. Stuart M. Kaminsky. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2024 Morgan

The Five Lesbian Brothers: four plays. the Five Lesbian Brothers, Maureen Angelos ... [et al.]. PS627.L48 F58 2000 Morgan

The four of us: a play. Itamar Moses. PS3613.O77889 F68 2008 Morgan

The Goldman project. Staci Swedeen. PS3619.W434 G65 2009 Morgan

The happy ones. Julie Marie Myatt. PS3613.Y38 H37 2010 Morgan

The identical same temptation. Bob Glaudini. PS3607.L385 I34 2008 Morgan

The idiot box. Michael Elyanow. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2025 Morgan

The Illiad, the Odyssey and all of Greek mythology in 99 minutes or less. Jay Hopkins and John Hunter. PS3608.O656 I55 2008 Morgan

The Irish curse. Martin Casella. PS3603.A845 I75 2010 Morgan

The joke. Sam Marks. PS3613.A76542 J65 2009 Morgan

The kitchen witches. Caroline Smith. PR9199.4.S644 K58 2006 Morgan

The love list: a comedy. Norm Foster. PR9199.3.F5743 L685 2006 Morgan

The makeover. Patsy Hester Daussat. PS3604.A9326 M35 2008 Morgan

The metal children: a play. Adam Rapp. PS3568.A6278 M47 2010 Morgan

The milliner. Suzanne Glass. PR6057.L3 M55 2008 Morgan

The momologues: the original comedy about motherhood. Lisa Rafferty, Stefanie Cloutier and Sheila Eppolito. PS3618.A376 M66 2010 Morgan

The office plays the receptionist the thugs. Adam Bock. PR9199.4.B623 O34 2008 Morgan

The other side. Ariel Dorfman. PQ8098.14.O7 O76 2006 Morgan

The outrageous adventures of Sheldon & Mrs. Levine: a son's illusive search for his mother's happiness: a two character play . Sam Bobrick and Julie Stein. PS3552.O26 O88 2009 Morgan

The property known as Garland. Billy Van Zandt. PS3572.A64 P76 2007 Morgan

The psychic: a murder mystery of sorts. Sam Bobrick. PS3552.O26 P78 2010 Morgan

The quality of life. Jane Anderson. PS3551.N3677 Q83 2010 Morgan

The right kind of people. Charles Grodin. PS3557.R5369 R54 2008 Morgan

The safety net. Christopher Kyle. PS3561.Y358 S33 2007 Morgan

The scene. Theresa Rebeck. PS3568.E2697 S34 2007 Morgan

The sugar witch. Nathan Sanders. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2026 Morgan

The third story. Charles Busch. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2027 Morgan

The water wars. Cameron Stracher. PS3569.T67578 W374 2011 Morgan

The whipping man. Matthew Lopez. PS3562.O67246 W45 2009 Morgan

The whole ninth floor: a comedy. Richard Seff. PS3569.E36 W46 2008 Morgan

The woodsman. Steven Fechter. PS3606.E348 W66 2009 Morgan

Thornton Wilder and Ken Ludwig's adaptation of The beaux' stratagem. George Farquhar. PS3545.I345 T56 2007 Morgan

Treasure Island. Ken Ludwig from the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson. PS3562.U295 T74 2008 Morgan

Trojan Barbie: a car crash encounter with Euripides' Trojan women. [Christine Evans]. Morgan

Truth and reconciliation. Etan Frankel. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2028 Morgan

Tuna does Vegas. Jaston Williams, Joe Sears, Ed Howard. PS3573.I449327 T864 2010 Morgan

Two gentlemen of Corona. Jim Geoghan. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2029 Morgan

Vent des peupliers. English;"Heroes = Le vent des peupliers. Gérald Sibleyras translated by Tom Stoppard." PQ2719.I25 V4613 2005 Morgan

Victoria Martin: math team queen. Kathryn Walat. PR9199.4.S5273 T54 2030 Morgan

VishnevyÄ­ sad. English;"The cherry orchard: a comedy in four acts. Anton Chekhov English version by Tom Stoppard from a literal translation by Helen Rappaport." PG3456.V5 S76 2009 Morgan

Water & power. Richard Montoya. PS3563.O5459 W38 2009 Morgan

Wedding belles. Alan Bailey & Ronnie Claire Edwards. PS3602.A54 W43 2009 Morgan

Welfarewell. Cat Delaney. PR9199.4.D447 W45 2010 Morgan

West Moon Street. Rob Urbinati. PS3621.R36 W4 2008 Morgan

When is a clock. Matthew Freeman. PS3606.R44548 W54 2009 Morgan

White Buffalo: a play in two acts. Don Zolidis. PS3626.O435 W45 2006 Morgan

Women laid bare. Norman Beim. PS3552.E4224 W66 2006 Morgan

Wrong window!. Billy Van Zandt & Jane Milmore. PS3572.A64 W76 2010 Morgan

You've got hate mail. Billy Van Zandt and Jane Milmore. PS3572.A64 Y68 2010 Morgan

Zero hour. Jim Brochu. PS3552.R577 Z476 2009 Morgan

The CSU Libraries also owns American Film Scripts Online (1903 to present) for those CSU affiliates seeking middle-of-the-night film script reading.

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