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John Milton 1608-1674

At CSU John Milton (E463, a designated capstone course) is one of the major authors that may be studied as a required part of most of the degrees in English (Literature Concentration, Creative Writing Concentration, Writing Concentration, and English Education). This Web page has information to help researchers find materials related to Milton.


Books are a key resource for literary research. Books by and about John Milton can be found in Morgan Library between call numbers PR 3550 and PR 3596. They are located in the lower level (basement) of the building. There are over 15 shelves of books related to Milton.

Search SAGE for books about specific works.

For example, to find books about Paradise Lost, do a subject search for:

Milton, John, 1608-1674. Paradise Lost.

Books about the author are found under:

Milton, John, 1608-1674 -- Biography.

Identify Articles

MLA Bibliography

Search the MLA Bibliography for articles, book chapters, etc. After finding a citation, check SAGE (or click on FindIt button within the database) to see if CSU owns the journal or book.

To find resources about contemporary sources, search for:
English literature and 1600-1699

There are many entries on Milton in MLA (numbers from late Nov. 2005):
DE "Milton, John" [in default fields, enter exactly] 6605 or Milton, John in SU-Subjects all (6642 entries)
DE "Paradise Lost" [in default fields, enter exactly] 1828 or Paradise Lost in SU-Subjects all (1869 entries)

You can limit your search by language of the article and type of source:
(DE "Paradise Lost") and (LA Language: English) and (from Refine Search tab, limit to Publication Type: Journal Article) 1202

Because there are so many records, narrow your search by topic. For example:
Satan and (DE "Paradise Lost") and (LA Language: English) and (from Refine Search tab, limit to Publication Type: Journal Article) 109

See Using MLA Bibliography to Find Sources on Shakespeare for MLA searching tips.

Humanities Index. AI 3 .I492 REF SOUTH (1974-1998).

Print index.

JSTOR. Online via "Research Databases" page.

Search the exact phrase: John Milton. By checking the "Articles" box identify close to 2000 articles. Narrow your search by adding terms in either (or both) "All of these words" or "At least one of these words." Or narrow by category of journal (e.g., Language & Literature [without additional terms this lowers number of entries to just over 1000]) or by specific journal. All full text.

Project MUSE. Online via "Research Databases" page.

Do a LC Subject search for: Milton, John, 1608-1674. All full text. Over 100 entries.


Milton, John. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001.

Biography of the English poet.

The Milton-L Homepage: Devoted to the Life, Literature, and Times of John Milton.

Listserv devoted to the author. Links to e-texts of major poems, minor poems, and prose works.

M (John Milton). Renascence Editions. Transcribed by Judy Boss (majority) and Sandra Jones. Publisher and general editor: Risa Stephanie Bear. University of Oregon.

Full text of ten of Milton's works. PDF and HTML.

John Milton (1608-1674) 17th Century English Literature. ©1996-2000 Anniina Jokinen. Luminarium.

Links to information on his life, works, essays, and more. 17th Century English Literature page has links to information on contemporary authors. Additional resources has links to biographies and many other materials.

Milton Reading Room. Luxon, Thomas H., ed. Trustees of Dartmouth College.

Links to full texts of selected works. Requires use of Web frames.

Milton, John: Index to Poems (1608-1674). Representative Poetry Online. University of Toronto.

Full text versions of poetry.


See also Chaucer, Shakespeare, Poe, O'Connor, William Carlos Williams & Wallace Stevens, Dickinson & Wright, Faulkner, and other subjects via English Language & Literature page linked to below).