In the 1960s, Colorado State University librarians Betty L. Hacker and Donald E. Oehlerts compiled the Index to Publications of the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station, 1887-1965. (CSU Libraries Reference Z5075 .U6 C65 Ref) This print index lists many records that cannot be found by searching anywhere else, including electronic catalogs. Consequently, many researchers have not known that these publications exist. The print index was scanned, converted into electronic format, and unique records were imported into the bibliography.

This small database is now available on the web and is useful for locating some of the early agricultural experiment station publications.

List of Publications Included in the Index:

Bulletin. No. 1-424, 1887-1965

Extension Bulletin (A series) No. 101-459, 1915-1965.

General Series.

Miscellaneous Series


Research Bulletin

Technical Bulletin