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Saved Search Alerts

SAGE (Libraries Online Catalog)

To have an alert sent to your email when new books come into the catalog by desired authors, on desired subjects, or containing desired keywords, set up “Preferred Search Alerts” on Sage.

  1. Log into the catalog via "My Record" entering your CSU eID username and password.
  2. Click on "Search Catalog" button and perform a search in Sage for any title, author, subject or keyword for which you are looking. You may even enter titles not yet owned and save those searches.
  3. On the results screen, click on the "Save as a preferred search" button next to the search box containing your search terms.
  4. When finished searching Sage for desired authors, titles, etc. and saving them as preferred searches, click on "Patron Record" at top of screen. Then click on "Preferred Search" button on your record.
  5. Mark any items for which you wish to have email alerts sent when new records are added to Sage. Enter favorite authors, research interests, forthcoming titles, etc. and you will be notified when the books arrive.
  6. Click on the “Logout” button to leave Your Record.

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