Water Tables 2013: Water in the West: Coping with Extremes: Saturday, March 2, 2013, 5-9 p.m.


Commissioner Roberto Salmon


Topic: Minute 319 - The Most Important Water Agreement in Nearly 60 Years

Commissioner Roberto Salmon

Described as the most important agreement involving the Colorado River between Mexico and the United States since the two countries signed the 1944 Water Treaty, Minute 319 laid new ground for management of the Colorado River for the benefit of both countries.  The agreement 1) allows Mexico to temporarily store a portion of its annual water allocation, for future use, within the U.S. reservoir system; 2) provides for U.S. investment in infrastructure improvements in Mexico, with water benefits shared by U.S. and Mexican water users; 3) allows Mexico to receive additional water during certain high reservoir conditions; 4) provides for Mexico to accept reductions under certain low reservoir conditions; 5) includes appropriate salinity provisions; 6) provides water for environmental flows in the Colorado River Delta; and, 7) investigates long-term binational projects.

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