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January 2010

Join Us for Water Tables 2010

Colorado State University Libraries will host Water Tables 2010, its fifth annual fundraiser for the Water Resources Archive, at 5 p.m. Saturday, February 20th. The event starts with a reception and tour of the Archive at Morgan Library before moving to the Lory Student Center main ballroom for dinner.

The theme this year is "Across State Lines: Sharing the Resource." Twenty table hosts will hold discussions during dinner focused on various aspects of how states and countries share water. Archival materials on display during the reception will illuminate some of the history behind the topic.

With one international and five out-of-state water experts hosting tables this year, the Water Resources Archive is giving greater attention to western water issues, broadly, as well as Colorado's precarious position of being the Headwaters State. Water Tables 2010 provides a unique opportunity to interact with this special assemblage representing diverse perspectives.

Join Us for Water Tables 2010!

This year's table hosts and topics are:

Don Ament, Former Colorado Commissioner of Agriculture
Topic: Is ag dry-up inevitable?

Alan Berryman, Assistant General Manager, Engineering Division, Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District
Topic: Interstate comity is for the birds

John D'Antonio, New Mexico State Engineer
Topic: The Rio Grande Compact -- sharing the resource

Derek Everett, Visiting assistant professor, History Department, Metropolitan State College of Denver
Topic: Fluid boundaries: water and western state lines

Jennifer Gimbel, Director, Colorado Water Conservation Board
Topic: The state of Colorado's role in balancing non-consumptive needs and meeting the state's future consumptive use demands

Neil Grigg, Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University
Topic: Water for a sustainable future: challenges to the political system

Taylor Hawes, Colorado River Program Director, The Nature Conservancy
Topic: The Colorado River Compact: is it up to the task?

Tom Iseman, Program Director for Water Policy and Implementation, Western Governors Association
Topic: How far has multi-state water management gotten us? Where will it lead us?

Frank Jaeger, District Manager, Parker Water and Sanitation District
Topic: Colorado-Wyoming Coalition: developing Colorado River water across state lines

Eric Kuhn, General Manager, Colorado River Water Conservation District
Topic: How can we keep from losing the resource? How would we deal with a compact call on the Colorado River?

Harry LaBonde, Jr., Wyoming Deputy State Engineer
Topic: The Green River Pipeline Regional Watershed Supply Project -- perspectives from Wyoming

Mario Lopez Perez, Engineering and Technical Standards Manager, National Water Commission of Mexico
Topic: The Colorado River as an international river: Mexico's perspective

Jon Monson, Director of Water and Sewer, City of Greeley
Topic: The Laramie-Poudre Tunnel and the Colorado-Wyoming Compact of 1957: a tale of transfer ag to urban

Patrick O'Toole, President of the Family Farm Alliance, and former member of President Clinton's Western Water Policy Review Advisory Commission
Topic: A historical look at western water policy development

Jennifer Pitt, Senior Resource Analyst, Environmental Defense Fund
Topic: Si se puede? U.S.-Mexico cooperation on the Colorado River

Rock Ringling, Managing Director, Montana Land Trust
Topic: Private land conservation's role in the preservation of wetlands and water resources

Bill Rinne, Director, Surface Water Resources Dept., Southern Nevada Water Authority
Topic: Augmenting the Colorado River -- sharing the resource

David Robbins, President and Co-founder, Hill & Robbins, P.C.
Topic: Why we have to share -- limits on our right to consume

Randy Seaholm, Former Chief, Water Supply Protection, Colorado Water Conservation Board
Topic: Environmental flows, Colorado's compact entitlement and compact administration

Steve Vandiver, General Manager, Rio Grande Water Conservation District
Topic: Riding herd on the Rio Grande Compact in the San Luis Valley

Tickets are $125 per person. Proceeds will support the Water Resources Archive, working to preserve, promote and make available records of Colorado's water history. Reservations can be made online or by calling (970) 491-1833. Reservations will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis; limited seating is available. Get yours now!

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Archive Update: New Donations and Finding Aids

The Archive welcomed several donations at the end of 2009. One is the Records of Xeriscape Colorado, Inc., a collection which documents the beginnings of the landscape water conservation movement, which originated in Denver. The other is the Archive's first all-digital collection: the Digital Photographs of Bill Green. The contents of the DVD donated include 25 photos of various Colorado water bodies during the 2002 drought. Dramatic for showing what is not there, the images will be of interest to any researchers wanting to visually time-travel to that parched year.

The Archive also has two new finding aids online. One is for the Climate Data Collection, which contains data collected by weather stations across Colorado for more than 100 years. The finding aid lists the materials by location and date, making it easy to access the documents. The other finding aid is for the Local Water Resources History Collection. This is an aggregation of items and contains such miscellany as scattered newsletters of water associations, photographs of the Bellevue Hydraulic Laboratory, and a binder of ditch data.

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Looking Forward: Forthcoming Presentation

The annual meeting of the Colorado Water Congress is one of the state's biggest water conferences. This year it will be held January 28-29 in Denver, and archivist Patty Rettig will be making a presentation about the Water Resources Archive on Friday morning. Be sure to catch the presentation, and also stop by the Archive's exhibit table to say hi!

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Virtual Visit: Online Reclamation Materials

More than 3,600 pages of materials from the National Water Resources Association have been scanned and posted online. The materials date from 1934 through 1953 and are fully listed in the inventory portion of the finding aid, the Guide to the Papers of the National Water Resources Association. From bulletins to legislation to correspondence, these documents give a good picture of reclamation issues during the depression and war years. They are now available on your desktop at your convenience!

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This quarterly electronic newsletter is designed to keep you informed on the developments with the Water Resources Archive. If you would prefer not to receive further updates, or if you know someone else who would like to receive this, just drop a line to us at development@library.colostate.edu.

This e-newsletter is created by Patty Rettig and Jane Barber.