Digital Collections and Virtual Exhibits

Digital Collections

CSU Digital Repository

The place to find digitized materials from the Water Resources Archive, and a whole lot more! Browse by collection, or search using Discovery.

Western Waters Digital Library

A searchable collection of digital materials from 20 universities, including CSU, documenting the history of water resources in Colorado and the western United States

Virtual Exhibits

Preserving the Past: Accessibility for a Digital Future

The Colorado Water Conservation Board Digitization Project as an example of library digitization efforts

Achieving a Lasting Peace? Reflecting on Conflicts, Courts and Compacts

110 years of negotiations over water rights in the western United States

Carpenter and the Compacts

A virtual exhibit highlighting the work of Delph Carpenter in negotiating Colorado's river compacts

Dot Carpenter: The Woman Behind the Man

A virtual exhibit about the wife of Delph Carpenter

Ralph Parshall: Father of the Flume

A virtual exhibit about a distinguished alumnus, faculty member, inventor and pioneer in civil engineering and hydrology

Images from the Collections

A sampling of items from the Water Resources Archive