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Creator: Meiman, James R. (James Richard)
Title: Papers of James R. Meiman
Dates: 1951-2012
Quantity: 4 linear feet (6 document boxes, 1 photo box)
Identification: WJRM
Abstract: James R. Meiman (b. 1933) is Professor Emeritus of Earth Resources (Watershed Science) at Colorado State University. After earning his Ph.D. in Watershed Science from CSU in 1962, Dr. Meiman led CSU's snow hydrology program and later became the Dean of the Graduate School (1975-1981) and Director of the Office of International Programs (1975-1991). Meiman also collaborated with multiple federal agencies, such as the U.S. Forest Service, on snow hydrology studies, and he developed and worked on cooperative international watershed projects in the Middle East. The collection contains course materials, reports and publications, correspondence, slides, photographs, and media related to snow hydrology, CSU's watershed science program, and international projects.
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Dr. James R. (Jim) Meiman, Professor Emeritus of Earth Resources (Watershed Science) at Colorado State University (CSU), is best known for his pioneering research in watershed science and snow hydrology.
Jim Meiman was born on December 10, 1933, in Louisville, Kentucky. After growing up in Louisville, he attended the University of Kentucky, where he earned a B.S. and M.S. in Agronomy and Soil Conservation. In Kentucky, Meiman worked for the U.S. Soil Conservation Service on the Small Watershed Pilot Projects Program from 1954 until 1959, when he moved to Fort Collins, Colorado. From 1959 to 1962, Meiman pursued a Ph.D. and taught courses in watershed management at CSU. One of the program's first four Ph.D. graduates, Meiman became a Watershed Science professor at CSU after earning his degree. He spent fourteen years in the department, where he developed CSU's snow hydrology program and expanded CSU's Little South Poudre Watershed research programs.
In 1975, Meiman became the Dean of the Graduate School and Director of International Programs at CSU, focusing heavily on expanding CSU's international involvement. As a result, Meiman was hired as CSU's Associate Vice President for Research and Director of International Programs in 1981. Under his direction, CSU became a leading university in overseas technical research and assistance under USAID Title XII. Meiman retired from CSU in December 1991.
As a professor and administrator at CSU, Meiman researched snow hydrology with the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) at Fraser Experimental Forest. Beginning in the mid-1980s, Meiman and Dr. Charles Lovelace, Director of the USDA Rocky Mountain Station, developed the concept and led in the early planning of the Natural Resources Research Center in Fort Collins.
Meiman continued to consult internationally after retiring from CSU. From 1992 to 1993 he served as Executive Director and Deputy Executive Director for the Consortium for International Development (CID). He was external training director for the World Bank Eastern Anatolia Watershed Project (1994 to 1998). From 1998 to 2000, Meiman developed the Middle East Watershed Monitoring Project for the USFS, and he led the USFS International Seminar in Forestry and Natural Resources from 1996 to 2001.
Meiman's professional associations are numerous and include the National Academy of Science's Ad Hoc Work Group on Snow and Ice, the American Geophysical Union's Hydrology Subcommittee on Snow and Ice, and the Western Snow Conference (General Chairman 1982 to 1984). From 1973 to 1975 he was Associate Editor of AGU's Water Resources Research. He is the author or co-author of over fifty papers, reports, and publications.
Jim Meiman married Louise Bradt in 1966. They have three children and six grandchildren.
The Papers of James R. Meiman consists of documents dated 1951 to 2012. The collection consists primarily of Meiman's professional work as a watershed scientist, professor, and administrator at Colorado State University. The largest amount of material concerns snow hydrology. This includes research notes and reports for studies conducted at Pingree Park on the Little South Poudre Watershed as well as reports and publications on U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (USBR) projects, including first stage contract CSU-14-06-D-5218, "Watershed Management Practices Affecting Water Supplies on Irrigation Projects" (1968), and second stage contract CSU-14-06-D-6598-5, "Management of Colorado Mountain Lands for Increasing Water Yields" (1973). Meiman's notes for the snow hydrology course he taught at CSU, WS 750 (also called WS 240, 250, and 716), are also present. This collection contains materials related to CSU's Watershed Science Department and its history. These include PowerPoint presentations, a video, and several documents that were part of the department's fiftieth anniversary celebration, as well as studies and publications by graduates of the Watershed Science program. Finally, a significant number of folders reflect Meiman's interest in interdisciplinary research and international development. These materials include both research and conference proceedings, programs and reports from the ASEAN-US Watershed Project roving lecture series, and reports on the East Anatolia Watershed Rehabilitation Project (1994-1998). Materials in this collection include course materials, correspondence, reports and publications, slides, photographs, CDs, and two 8mm video cassettes.
The collection has been organized in rough chronological order by subject in one series. When large amounts of documents related to one subject were donated together, the original order of the materials was maintained; miscellaneous materials were added to existing subject groupings. Media were housed in separate boxes but are listed with the projects to which they pertain.
The collection consists of 1 series in 7 boxes:
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The Papers of James R. Meiman was acquired by the Colorado State University Libraries in five accessions between December 2010 and June 2012 from James R. Meiman.


Processing was completed in June 2012. Materials were placed in acid-free folders and archival boxes. Duplicate copies and confidential materials were returned to donor. Papers were removed from binders and envelopes. The majority of paper clips and metal fasteners were removed and replaced with plastic clips as needed; rubber bands were removed. Photographs and slides were re-sleeved and moved to a photo album box. CDs were placed in protectors and housed together in their own box with two 8mm video cassettes. Digital files were backed up on a server.

Related Collections

Related collections in the Water Resources Archive include the papers of Maurice L. Albertson, Everett V. Richardson, and Daryl B. Simons. Through the Office of International Programs, Meiman coordinated all of CSU's international projects and worked closely with Albertson, Richardson, and Simons. The University Archives contains the records of the Graduate School and the Office of International Programs, which include materials generated during Meiman's time as director of these offices.

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Series 1: Papers, 1951-2012 (4 linear feet)

Box Folder
1 1 Resume. 2011. 10pp. VIEW
Includes list of publications.
Snow hydrology.
1 2 Final report on research contract no. 14-06-D-5218, [sections I-IV]. Fort Collins: Department of Recreation and Watershed Resources, College of Forestry and Natural Resources, CSU. 1968. 62pp. VIEW
First stage report under USBR contract, "Watershed Management Practices Affecting Water Supplies on Irrigation Projects."
1 3 [Snow surface modification articles]. 1964-1969. e50pp. VIEW
1 4 USBR snow albedo photographs. 1967-1968. 35pp. VIEW
1 5 Megahan, Walter F. Increasing snowmelt rate by surface additives. Fort Collins: College of Forestry and Natural Resources, CSU. 1968. 187pp. VIEW
Report is part of first stage USBR contract no. 14-06-D-5218, Watershed Management Practices Affecting Water Supplies on Irrigation Projects.
1 6 Snow hydrology: proceedings of the workshop seminar sponsored by the Canadian National Committee for the International Hydrological Decade and the University of New Brunswick. 1968-1970. e100pp. VIEW
Includes articles by Meiman.
1 7 Meiman, J. R., J. H. Froehlich, and R. E. Dils. Snow accumulation in relation to elevation and forest canopy. 1968. e15pp. VIEW
1 8 James R. Meiman. Management of Colorado mountain lands for increasing water yields. Vol. 1 - summary - interpretive report. Fort Collins: CSU. 1973. 40pp. VIEW
Report is part of second stage USBR contract no. CSU-14-06-D-6598-5.
1 9 Tarum, Roger D. and James R. Meiman. Management of Colorado mountain lands for increasing water yields. Vol. 5 - snowmelt acceleration by surface dusting. Fort Collins: CSU. 1973. 89pp. VIEW
Report is part of second stage USBR contract no. CSU-14-06-D-6598-5.
6 1 Hourglass snowfield. 1963-1972. 1 lantern slide and 45 slides VIEW
6 2 Hourglass icefield. 2002. 12 photographs and 1p. VIEW
Little South Poudre and Pingree Park.
1 10 Little South Poudre Watershed and Pingree Park Campus. 1971. 16pp. VIEW
1 11 Meiman, J. and D. Jameson. Research program for the Little South Poudre Watershed. 1972. 28pp. VIEW
6 3 Pingree-Little South Poudre Watershed instrumentation slides. 1960-1972. 20 slides and 2pp. VIEW
See Box 7 for CD of digitized slides. 19 digital images match originals in folder; 1 differs.
7 1 Little South Poudre Watershed climate and hydrology, 1961-1971, basic data. 1974. 1 CD VIEW
Report is 170pp.
1 12 Little South Poudre Watershed climate and hydrology, 1961-1971, synopsis. 1974. 28pp. VIEW
2 1 Recommendations for the future of Pingree Park Campus. 1983. e40pp. VIEW
Snow hydrology course.
2 2 Snow management notes. 1980. e120pp. VIEW
7 2 Snow hydrology course materials. 2011-2012. 1 CD
CD contains "LS snow interception slides" from 1967 and 1968, "Central Sierra snow lab interception" from 1966, 2 sets of "Canada IHD workshop - snow accumulation paper and slides" from 1970, and "Seasonal snow cover by JM" from 1980. All files correspond to physical objects in other folders.
2 3 WS 750 Snow hydrology: weeks 1 and 2. 1967-1973. e75pp. VIEW
2 4 WS 750 Snow hydrology: week 3. 1967-1968. e45pp. VIEW
6 4 Slide set #1, interception. 1966-1968. 26 slides VIEW
6 5 New Brunswick set #2, snow accum[ulation]. 1951-1967. 20 slides VIEW
2 5 WS 750 Snow hydrology: weeks 4 and 5. 1967-1975. e40pp. VIEW
2 6 WS 750 Snow hydrology: weeks 6 and 7. 1967-1971. e55pp. VIEW
2 7 WS 750 Snow hydrology: weeks 8 and 9. 1967. e20pp. VIEW
5 10 Report on sabbatical leave. 1970. 10pp.
Leave was at the Swiss Forest Research Insitute.
2 8 Bibliography, Western Snow Conference. Fort Collins, Colorado: Colorado State University. 1974. e400pp. VIEW
2 9 Special readings in conservation. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 1978. 112pp. VIEW
Article, "Snow Zone Management," by J.R. Meiman, pp. 39-50.
2 10 Snow accumulation papers. 1984-1987. e50pp. VIEW
Includes "Options for Harvesting Timber to Control Snowpack Accumulation" and "The Effect of Patch Clearcutting on the Water Balance of a Subalpine Forest Slope" by Troendle and Meiman and the Fraser Research Station 50th Anniversary paper, "Influence of Forests on Snowpack Accumulation," by Meiman. See Box 7 for CD of digital version.
Piceance Basin.
2 11 Meiman, James R. Environmental impact assessment of oil shale development on surface runoff, Piceance Creek Basin, Rio Blanco and Garfield Counties, Colorado. Boulder: Thorne Ecological Institute. 1974. 34pp. VIEW
6 6 Ross oil shale, snow. 1971. 19 slides VIEW
2 12 Meiman, James R. Infiltration studies in the Piceance Basin, Colorado. Technical publication number 12. Boulder: Thorne Ecological Institute. 1975. 49pp. VIEW
6 7 Oil shale infiltration. 1970. 19 slides VIEW
Watershed Science at CSU.
3 1 Dils, Bob and Jim Meiman. Watershed science at Colorado State University. 1995. e80pp. VIEW
See Box 7 for CD of digital version.
3 2 Meiman, James R. and Robert E. Dils. Watershed management - practice and trends in the United States. Proceedings of the first annual meeting of the AWRA. 1965. 8pp. VIEW
3 3 Meiman, James R. Watershed science as a profession. 1972. 11pp. VIEW
3 4 Water in turf management. Ninth annual Rocky Mountain Turfgrass Conference and Equipment Show. Colorado State University. 1962. 38pp. VIEW
3 5 Meiman, James R. The legacy of collaborative watershed research between the Rocky Mountain Forest and Range Experiment Station and Colorado State University. 2005. 8pp. VIEW
Paper presented at AGU Hydrology Days, March 8, 2005, at Colorado State University.
3 6 Black, Peter E. Historical compendium of Colorado water law. Cooperative Watershed Management Unit, College of Forestry and Range Management, Colorado State University, Fort Collins. 1960. 104pp. VIEW
3 7 Sheng, Ted C. Watershed conservation, a collection of papers for developing countries. Fort Collins, Colorado and Taipei, Republic of China: Colorado State University and Chinese Soil and Water Conservation Society. 1986. 99pp. VIEW
See Box 7 for CD of digital version.
3 8 Sheng, Ted C. Watershed conservation II, a collection of papers for developing countries. Fort Collins, Colorado and Taipei, Republic of China: Colorado State University and Chinese Soil and Water Conservation Society. 1990. 81pp. VIEW
See Box 7 for CD of digital version.
3 9 Watershed materials, education. 1964-1988. e80pp. VIEW
7 3 Watershed science 50th anniversary video tape. 2008. 1 CD VIEW
Digitized version of video cassettes listed below.
7 4 WS 50th, Meiman powerpoint, without Remble, without Stednick. 2008. 1 CD VIEW
7 5 WS 50th Rev[ised] 2/27/08, and WS int[ernational] 3/16/08. 2008. 1 CD VIEW
7 6 WS 50th, Stednick powerpoint, updates to 2008. 2008. 1 CD VIEW
7 8 WS 50th. 2008. 2 8mm video cassettes
Original video cassettes for "Watershed science 50th anniversary video tape."
Graduate school.
3 10 Haglund, Becky. A history of graduate education at Colorado State University. 1981. 99pp.
3 11 Cost of graduate education, a discussion paper prepared by the Graduate Council of Colorado State University. 1976. 8pp.
Interdisciplinary research.
3 12 A review of forest and rangeland research policies in the United States. Washington, DC: The Renewable Natural Resources Foundation. 1977. 52pp.
3 13 Russell, Martha Garrett, Richard J. Sauer and John M. Barnes, eds. Enabling interdisciplinary research: perspectives from agriculture, forestry, and home economics. Miscellaneous publication 19. Agricultural Experiment Station, University of Minnesota. 1982. e190pp.
Article by Meiman, "Interdisciplinary teamwork in farming systems research and development," pp. 139-146.
4 1 Organization and personnel management for effective interdisciplinary research projects. 1977. e300pp.
International development.
4 2 IIE -- US Education Agent for Development. 1989. e25pp.
4 3 International education and development at Colorado State University. 1980-1998. e20pp.
4 4 J. Meiman misc. matls. Intl.-Peru Peace Corp report. 1974. e25pp.
4 5 Evaluation report, Resource Conservation and Utilization Project, Nepal (Project no. 367-0132). Washington DC: International Science and Technology Institute. 1985. e200pp.
Includes photo-note appendix I.
4 6 International Report. 1988-1990. 16pp.
Summer 1988 and Fall 1990 editions.
4 7 International Development, human values and religious experience. 1988. e120pp.
Association of Southeast Asian Nations-U.S. watershed project (ASEAN-US).
5 1 Report of the ASEAN-US watershed project - sponsored roving lecture on watershed rehabilitation. Solo, Indonesia: Watershed Management Technology Center. 1987. e40pp.
5 2 ASEAN-US watershed project, roving lecture on watershed rehabilitation. Institute of Forest Conservation University of the Philippines at Los Banos, College, Laguna, Philippines. 1987. e25pp.
5 3 ASEAN-US watershed project [certificates of appreciation]. 1987. 4pp.
East Anatolia Watershed Rehabilitation Project, Project No. E4.DAP.004.01/9.
5 4 EAWRP Turkey. 1994-1998. e80pp.
5 5 East Anatolia Watershed Rehabilitation Project, annual progress report. 1996. 149pp.
First half of report is in Turkish; second half is in English.
5 6 East Anatolia Watershed Rehabilitation Project, study tour report, Morocco. 1996. e70pp.
First half of report is in English; second half is in Turkish.
5 7 East Anatolia Watershed Rehabilitation Project, annual progress report. 1998. 157pp.
5 8 Uresk, Daniel W. Summary of suggestions and recommendations for Eastern Anatolia Watershed Projects, Turkey. Rapid City, SD: USDA Forest Service Rocky Mountain Research Station and SD School of Mines Campus. 1997. 36pp.
5 9 East Anatolia Watershed Rehabilitation Project, final report. 2000. 109pp.
7 9 Turkey ws proj. 35 mm slides, powerpoint - ms 3.11, Jim Meiman, Int'l. R & D. 1997. 1 3.5 inch floppy disk VIEW
7 7 Proceedings of the XI World Forestry Congress, 13-22 October 1997, Antalya, Turkey, pre-congress version. 1997. 1 CD