About the Collection

The Colorado Flower Growers Association (CFGA) was founded in 1928 to support the production and marketing of greenhouse flowers grown commercially in the state. The CFGA accomplished this goal through vigorous promotion of greenhouse products, cooperative group action, and financial support of plant research conducted at Colorado State University.

Initially, the members of the CFGA cultivated carnations as their major flower crop. During the first half of the twentieth century, Denver became known as the “Carnation Capital” of the world. The emphasis of producers shifted in the latter part of the century to other cut flowers and potted plants. In 1979, the organization changed its name to the Colorado Greenhouse Growers Association to reflect the increasing diversification of the industry. The Colorado Greenhouse Growers Association merged with the Colorado Nursery Association in 2005 to form the Colorado Nursery & Greenhouse Association.

The Records of the Colorado Flower Growers Association consists of documents dated 1928 to 1980, with the bulk falling between 1958 and 1972. The collection includes minutes from board and committee meetings, as well as correspondence, newsletters, financial reports, scrapbooks, clippings and photographic materials.

Major topics of interest include advertising and publicity for Colorado carnations and the creation of a trademark; carnation propagation, cultivation, tinting and arrangement; flower shipping via airlines; and relationships of the Colorado Flower Growers Association with other florist organizations.

Most of the items digitized for this project come from the Scrapbooks series and the Photographic Materials series in the collection. The Scrapbooks series includes twelve large scrapbooks, ten file folders and the production record for a book on carnation arrangement published by the Association. The scrapbooks and folders contain news articles, certificates and other memorabilia as well as colorful carnation advertisements (tear sheets). The Photographic Materials series includes black-and-white publicity photographs, negatives, color prints and color slides demonstrating the care and arrangement of carnations.