Exhibit: Upasana (Devotion), an exhibition of watercolor paintings by Nand Sharma

Devotion ExhibitUpasana (Devotion):
an exhibition of watercolor paintings
by Nand Sharma,
opens at Morgan Library on
Friday, November 9, 2012, at 5 pm.

Upasana is a series of paintings inspired by Indian classical music that has been the enduring passion of the artist. The artist, in his own words, has tried to capture the essence of the Indian music in this series. Devotion being one of the prominent themes of Indian classical music, thus, becomes the natural title of this exhibition. The portraits in the series, as per the artist, do not represent the musicians as persons but represent the feelings that they evoke in the artist. The portraits are less about the musicians and more about the music. Just like the portraits, the abstracts too reflect various shades of the music. In fact, as the artist informs, they were done while listening to some of the greatest maestros of Indian classical music and tried to capture what that music evoked in him. 

Artist Nand Sharma explains: "My current series represents my passion for the Indian classical music that has been a profound influence on my life. I have been making portraits of the Hindustani and Carnatic classical musicians, both vocalists and instrumentalists, for the last three years. This exhibition, Upasana—The Devotion, is a culmination of my work since 2009 that I began after listening to MS Subbulakshmi’s, (also known as MS), devotional music in Chennai, India. Her music continues to have a strong influence on my work even to this day. I vividly remember when, in Chennai, I requested a stranger to lend me a small photograph of MS’s hanging on the wall behind her, as I was so mesmerized by the artist’s image. The sketch that I drew after looking at the photograph was developed into a portrait that marked the start of this series!"