Search the Bibliography and Locate the Materials

Search the Bibliography

The research topics on the left hand side bar cover some general agricultural and rural life subject areas. Each page includes a short description of the topic and links to bibliographies of books, theses, dissertations, and serials. If you select agriculture for example, you will find bibliographies about agriculture including ranching, weeds, bees, cattle, crops, and related topics.

Another way to search this site is to select the SEARCH option. This will direct you to a Web searchable database of the 16,000 records. From the search screen, you may put in the subject terms you want, and then search for books, photographs, archival collections, serials, theses, dissertations, and other records. The search feature allows for more cutstomization of your search topic. A detailed help page is also available.

How to Locate the Materials

So now you’ve searched the bibliography, and found a book, thesis, or record that interests you. How are you going to get to the actual document?

Most of the records in this bibliography originated in WorldCat, and can be found there. WorldCat is a commercial database accessible through many public or university libraries. Consult your local library for access in your area. WorldCat will tell you what libraries hold the item. Click the linked OCLC number in the Accession Number or Notes fields to search for the item in WorldCat.

If your document is not locally available, try using the interlibrary loan (ILL) service at your local library.

If you don’t have access to WorldCat, Prospector may list information about the item you want. Prospector is a unified catalog of twenty three academic, public and special libraries in Colorado and Wyoming. Access to Prospector is free. If you locate an item in Prospector that you would like to see, contact your local library for Interlibrary Loan.

Can’t find it in WorldCat or Prospector? A few bibliography records only exist in the CSU catalog (SAGE) or from the 1960s print index compiled by CSU librarians. Check the Notes field in the record; this may give you a clue as to where the document lives. If you still can’t find something, contact us.

Cowboy lassos a calf.
Cowboy lassos a calf. Colorado State University Libraries, Archives and Special Collections, Historical Photographs Collection.