About This Project

First log cabin in Grand Junction area, ca. 1881. The image shows a man and woman in front of a small cabin.
(First Log Cabin, ca. 1881. Community Collection, Loyd Files Research Library, Museum of Western Colorado, F-361)

The Colorado Agriculture and Rural Life bibliography is big. It encompasses both the records called for in the NEH national project—books, serials, dissertations and theses (about 4,000 records)—as well as other records encountered in the search process—maps, archival collections, photos, pamphlets, federal documents and more (about 12,000 records.) The search process concentrated on the former group of documents; the latter grouping is less comprehensive.

The bibliography also owes its size to the expanded scope of the search. The national project intends to identify and preserve publications related to “agriculture and rural life.” In Colorado, project staff interpreted “rural life” to imply not only farming and ranching, but other non-urban historical activities like mining and recreation.

For an extensive description of what to expect in the bibliography, please refer to the Colorado Bibliography Scope document.

Good Morning from the cows. Four cows stand shoulder to shoulder at a trough, looking up at camera. Snowy mountain field in background.
(Good Morning from the Cows. Colorado State University Libraries, Archives and Special Collections, Historical Photographs Collection.)

How the Bibliography Developed

Once the scope was defined, staff created a list of subject headings and search terms. The lists already generated for the New York and North Dakota projects provided a useful model. For more specific information about the search terms consult the list of search terms.

The next step was to search the following resources: