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Loyd File Research Library, Museum of Western Colorado

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Grand Junction photos

Shows coal mine in side of mountain. A railroad line services the mine.
Book Cliff Coal Mine and Railroad, 1890s. F-187b.
Car appears to be stuck in a ditch.
Midland Tour, 1912, from Grand Junction to Salt Lake City. Orlo V. Scott Collection, 1993.163.
Color postcard for the Mesa County Fair. Dominated by large drawing of a peach.
Mesa County Fair postcard, 1909.
1999.4 #1.
Shows Kate Harlow at fruit stand, presumably in Grand Junction.
Kate Harlow and her husband, John Petal Harlow, farmed in the Grand Junction area in the 1880s.
Shows large dam. Steep arid hills come down to the water.
Roller Dam, De Beque Canyon. U.S. Department of the Interior Photo, John Page Collection, 1981.134 #84.
Silhouette of surveyor (with tripod) and fisherman (with pole) next to a lake. Pine trees line the shore of the lake.
Surveyor and fisherman, probably on Grand Mesa, in 1880s. F-96.
Man and woman stand in front of log cabin. Cabin appears to be situated in flat area.
First log cabin in Grand Junction area, circa 1880s. F-361.
John Otto rides his horse over a very steep section of rock. Pack mule follow behind.
John Otto, first superintendent of Colorado National Monument. Colorado National Monument Collection, 1999.4 #1.
Approximately 15 schoolchildren stand in front of their one-room school. Teacher stands in doorway.
Grand Junction's second schoolhouse, circa 1883. 2002.20.
About 20-30 men and women stand in front of building. Painted onto building is "Grand Junction Seed Co."
Grand Junction Seed Company, 1930s. Dessert Collection, 1979.111 #3.
Shows factory looming next to a field.
Grand Junction sugar beet factory, built in 1899. First sugar factory in Colorado. 1982.101.
Large group of skaters pose for photo. Written onto photo: "Skating on the Grand." Truss bridge in background.
Skaters on the Grand River (later called the Colorado River) in 1892. F-834.

Palisade Photos

Steam train puffs past depot.
First trainload of Alberta peaches. 1979.23 #93.
Several adults and three children stand next to fruit stand.
Early Day Fruit Stand. 1979.23 #82.
Shows baseball players congregating. Mesa formation in background.
Palisade Baseball Team vs. Teller Institute. 1979.23 #12.
Shows oil drilling tower and smokestack. Mesa in background.
Oil Drilling, 1906. 1979.23 #65.
Main street is decorated as if for parade: flags, signs, people walking sidewalks.
Iowa Day.
State bridge east of Palisade. 1979.23 #27.
Dirt road in between orchard trees. Horse, buggy, and buggy riders are on road. Mesa in background.
A.R. Loyd Orchards with buggy. 1979.23 #3.
Peach queen and her court pose underneath a trellis. Boxes of peaches are laid in front of them. Peach Queen of 1921, Juanita Strong. 1979.23 #109.
Children grouped in front of a trim, sturdy-looking school. Palisade School.