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Early 20th century. Group of students appear gathered around some hogs.
Studying hogs on the college farm.
A man rides a plow behind four large horses.
Plowing on the college farm.
Men, machinary, giant pile of hay, mountains in background.
College grounds.
Oat harvest. Men, horses, harvest equipment in a field.
Oat harvest on college farm.
Photo shows men standing on back of wagon. Horses are hitched, but stand motionless. Men hold rakes or other long-handled tools to access the orchard trees above them.
Men appear to be inspecting orchard.
Outdoor fall scene, early 20th century. Male students clustered around corn shalk. Old classroom or administrative buildings in background.
Students inspecting corn shalk.
Four cows stand shoulder to shoulder at trough, looking up at camera. Snowy ground, pines, mountains in background.
Good morning from the cows.
Cowboy lassos a calf.
Cowboy lassos a calf.
Three men pose for camera behind a giant sow.
Three men and one sow.
Young men on indoor bleachers attend a lecture. Three cows and an instructor stand before them.
Livestock class.
Herd of cows in a pasture in the foothills.
Dairy herd.
Pictures shows windmill, sand, a few cows, piles of brush and yucca.
Unknown ranch, probably eastern Colorado.
Three men dig an irrigation ditch next to a field. They pose for picture in ditch, holding shovels.
Digging an irrigation ditch.
Mountain scene: shows men digging ditch through pine trees.
Deadman Ditch.
Water rushing through a new-looking flume.
Water rushing through a new-looking irrigation flume.
Water rushes through a new-looking irrigation flume. Sign in background says "Improved Ventury Flume, CSU Experiment Station, Rocky Ford."
Sign says "Improved Ventury Flume, CSU Experiment Station, Rocky Ford"
Calf with 4-H brand on side.
4-H calf.
Very early school bus, black, with kids looking out windows. Side says "Mead Consolidated School."
Early school bus, Mead Consolidated School
Girl poses next to corn plants.
Unknown gardener posing with her corn. (no larger size picture available)
Girl poses with rake next to corn plants.
Unknown gardener, posing with her garden tool. (no larger size picture available)
Seven young men, dressed in suits and ties, pose on indoor bleacers. The sign next to them says: "High School Stock Judging Contest, Award by C.A.C. Livestock Club 1921."
Winners of 1921 Colorado Agricultural College Livestock Club High School Stock Judging Contest.
Men and women working in field near Glenwood Springs. circa World War One sign says "U.S. War Gardens."
Near Glenwood Springs.
Men and their horses pose in front of little house on the plains. There is a car in front of the house.
Weld City's pairie dog control unit.